Small Changes Significant Enough to Cause

More Important Change


Work with innovative thinkers to bring your brand to the next level and expand your reputation.


Grow your following and expand your following to new levels through creativity and expanded stakeholder engagement.


Collaborate with the best and the brightest. Expand your communication abilities through creative public relations.


Evolve your thinking and take it to the next level. Continue to grow with a fast changing media and political landscape.

Public Affairs

Tell your own story and create your own narrative using our world class public affairs experience. Strong experience in crisis communication, public engagement and media relations.

Media/Influencer Relations

Have your point of view, company, or cause recognized through strategic media relations and stakeholder engagement with targeted influencers.

Corporate Responsibility

Be a responsible business. Build strategic programs and relationships with organizations and causes to that align with your business objectives. Help make the world a better place.

Leadership Coaching

Provide your leaders with the appropriate tools they need to be successful with the external world. Public Speaking, media relations, and public engagement training is important.

Government Relations

Advocate on important issues with local, state and federal elected officials with established relationships. Help drive thought leadership and expertise with your elected officials to help drive business needs forward.

We have
Awesome Ideas

The Tippen Point is a public and government affairs consultancy committed to helping you tell your story. We operate under SBT Holdings LLC, based in San Francisco, CA. We have innovative ideas and creative experts to help you grow and expand your public presence. 

Let us help you tell your story, evolve your leaders and manage important issues that drive your business forward. We can build a strategic plan unique to your needs and help you think outside of the box. 

Our experienced public and government relations experts will help you take small or large steps to help you reach your Tippen Point. 

The Tippen Point

Building the right plan for you

  • Research & Goals

    Research and understand your current situation. Establish goals and where you want to be when the plan is executed.

  • Audience

    What are your target audiences? What do you want to communicate to them?

  • Tactics & Channels

    Define your tactics and how you will communicate or reach your audiences. Narrow down specific channels to communicate.

  • Measurement

    Measure and evaluate outcomes of the communications. Establish if further action is needed.

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The Tippen Point


The Tippen Point

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